My philosophy 
Live if this is your last day and learn if you live forever

Hello, I’m Véronique

Thank you so much for being there and welcome into my world...

I'm a film photographer based in France. My photography focuses on joyful, brightful, candid and emotional images full of natural elegance and beautiful natural light.
I love so much catching the exceptional hidden in every day life and turning it into artistic, soft and dreamy images.

Being a film photographer, for me, means to accomplish two of my deeper passions.
Actually what I love since my very first memories is telling stories. I'm a kind of storyteller photographer and I can't really explain it, but telling stories have always makes me happy. So I don't just want to take beautiful pictures, I intend that every picture will tell your story, will be a part of you and delivers your emotions.
I'm an engaged photographer since Photography is also my way to connect people and bring them happiness. I deeply love Human and I wish my art focuses on the most beautiful part of people, giving hope and allow to pass down a heirloom.

I'm a free woman deeply loving Humanity and being obsessed about allow people for have a better life. I've always loved life and liberty above all and my two little black eyes boys are the meaning of my life. I'm also passionate about writting, reading, discovering new people and sharing your joyful days whatever the destination.

As a destination photographer and because I love challenges, there is no country too far for me and no project too big.

I do everything with passion so I love documenting your wedding with my heart as if it was the very last one and all my mind is about enjoying life and all that precious happiness moments it offers to me.

I can't wait to hear more about your story and get to know you ! 



Life and freedom
the laughing of my two black eyes little boys
Film photography and old cameras
Flowers, Olive tree fields
Writing stories
Reading a good book on the beach
Diving and sailing 

Orane Bled Photography


Go around the world with all my familly on a boat
Publish a best seller
Discovering Japon and Californie

Destination Photographer

Travelling is one of my biggest passions. I love exploring the world and capturing your joyful days in romantic destination weddings throughout Europe and beyond.
You're planning a wedding in France, Italie, Asia, USA, Carribean and beyond ? I would love to capture and document your most intimate, candid, romantic and joyful moments as well as every detail you've planned whatever the destination.
There is no dream too big too achieve...

Film Photographer

I am a film photographer and offer, for most experiences, an illimited film coverage.
I love the authenticity, the grain, the deepness and softness of film but not only; With film, each picture has a real value and it makes it so magical and so exceptional just like the way you are.
Because I am passionate about film photography, I have a collection of film cameras but for my weddings, I essentially use medium film format.


Because I believe in bespoke and exceptional experience, I accept no more than 20 weddings per year so as to make sure I deliver exceptional images and services.
To accomplish this high level of services and products, I work hard everyday and only trust professionnals who share the same values of humanity and excellence.

I document your wedding with the eye of a natural photojournalist and the creativity of a fashion and editorial photographer.
My style is focused on stunning portraits, natural emotions and gorgeous natural light.

Investments for weddings beguins at 2100 euros.
Each experience comes with a handmade wooden box (localy made in Bassin d'Arcachon with natural and recycled wood found on beach) containing a glass USB drive with your HD digital files and your 6 x 4,5 " prints, printed on Fujifilm paper.
Because I believe that photography must be share and transfered as a heirloom, I also offer a layflat album in most of my experiences.

My charity project

I am aware of my luck to live of my passion and I'm so grateful about that ...
It's important for me to give back a part of all that joy and happiness to helpless people. So I'm engaged in the Help Portrait created by Jeremy Cowart in 2008 and I'm happy to offer, every year, pictures to an association. 
Last year, I was be proud to lead a beautiful project with "Petits frères des Pauvres" from Bordeaux, an association created in 1946 which helps in all the word old people not to be alone and give them support and tenderness. 


Love captured worldwide in film and digital
France, Italie, Europe and Worldwide